Brick Oven Pizza

Made with an old Italian family recipe, our brick oven pizzas are one of a kind.

Cooking with tradtion

Phillies restaurant has been famous for it's traditional Italian cuisine for over 20 years. We are happy to bring the taste of Italy to our customers.

Traditional Pasta

Indulge your taste buds with authentic Italian recipes from Phillies. Come and see why local's have considered Phillies a favorite for over the past 20 years!


Not only do we have the best Italian food in the neighborhood - we are happy to bring our food to you 12 hour a day, every day!


$5.95 Chicken Soup Chunks of whole white meat chicken, fresh vegetables & wild rice. $5.95 Minestrone di riso Healthy and hearty soup with fresh vegetables & imported Italian arborio rice. $5.95 Pasta & Fagioli Pasta with white beans in a red sauce.

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